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  • This year there are three categories; Upcoming, Country and Elite Wedding Venue.
  • By casting your vote, you are supporting your favourite venue in this year's awards!
  • What is important here is your opinion and your experience of the service they provide.
  • The participants with the most votes (as calculated strictly from the public's votes) will then be crowned the "Winner" in their subcategory and fans favourite.
  • See our voting terms & conditions here.


VOTE for your favourite venue and stand a chance some of our prizes!

By voting for our 2018 venue participants, you stand a chance to win this wonderful wedding planner!

It’s a Wedding Planner in Your Pocket!

There are so many elements to a wedding day, and knowing where to start with the organising takes skill – we often need to look to our friends or a wedding planner for guidance.

The wedding planning notebook

Well, now you can take a deep breath and really enjoy the wedding planning. Bespoke’s wedding planning notebook is here to guide you through the entire planning process, from the beginning to the big day!

We’ve approached the leading wedding industry service providers who have all given expert advice, which has been included in this wedding planning notebook. Get great tips and advice from the best wedding planners, photographers, florists, designers, caterers, cake makers, stationery designers and more.

By voting for our 2017 venue participants, you stand a chance to win this stunning lace robe!

This custom designed bridal robe will just add something special to you wedding day!

When you vote for our 2018 TopVendor Venue Participants, you can stand a chance to win a fantastic hamper from Design by Q&A.

Design by Q&A is a lifestyle brand that designs fashion and decor pieces to enhance the lifestyle of our customers. We are inspired by the vibrant surroundings of our home, South Africa.

Our products are Designed and Handmade in South Africa.

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