TopVendor Member & Top Country Wedding Venue 2018 Participant

I picked up a golden thread in my research: “Go back to your roots”. That is what Florence is all about.I discovered that people long for the originality of old family farms and tradition with genuine country hospitality and home cooked meals.

We offer a weekend celebration with a braai on the Friday night, breakfasts together, games and playing on Saturday morning and then a ceremony to remember.We have created a one stop venue, a fairy tale forest, a renaissance chapel, a venue hall beyond comparison in an old milk shed with its old world charm, and a twist of French vintage interior.

Accommodation for 60 guests, a place for the girls to unwind and do their thing. For the groom and his men a “man cave” to get dressed.

You will never regret the positive experience that you and your guests will take with you after a weekend at Florence.

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