FLEUR Design Studio

Wedding and Event Stationery // Graphic Design

TopVendor Member & Top Wedding
Stationery Designer 2017 Participant

FLEUR is a custom design studio based in Cape Town that works with clients all over South Africa. We are inspirational, edgy & refined - relentlessly seeking out new ways to heighten modern design in creative & boundary breaking ways to bring you the most exquisite and up to date designs. Everyone has a special story, idea & concept and we believe in giving each client the special attention & look it deserves.

We love getting inspiration from your style, personality, travels & passions to create the perfect stationery piece just for you! We offer a wide range of stationery and invitations that are as unique and original as you want them to be, all combined with beautiful typography, imaginative designs and printing techniques to make your day or event more special and unforgettable!

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