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Weddings are filled with special moments, but as we all know it can pass by all too quickly. Wedding photographers play a vital role in beautifuly capturing these fleeting moments to make sure they last forever.


The business section of TopVendor Wedding Awards celebrates the best businesses and service professionals in the wedding industry. Each subcategory is exclusive with limited space and a strict selection criteria.

Participants enter their business as a whole, showcasing their entire work portfolio. This platform highlights not only their exceptional talents, but also their excellent service in satisfying their customers wedding needs.

The public decide the winners and therefore participants need to have built and maintained positive relationships with their clients to do well in this section.

Businesses who participate in this section of the awards are confident in their performance as a whole and strive to be the best in their field. We believe that being voted the fan’s favourite is fantastic recognition for your hard work and dedication in the wedding industry.

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Pro Wedding Photography

Dust and Dreams Photography

The Wedding Portfolio

Adele Kloppers Photography


Top Wedding Photography

Tanya Strauss Photography

Lilly Leigh Photography

A Bear Photography

Celeste Cilliers Photography

Anke Photography



The Attribute section of TopVendor Wedding Awards highlights a specific aspect or piece of work of a businesses or service professional in the wedding industry. The aspect needs to be a recent (this season), relevant (according to strict selection criteria) and a visual piece of work, showcasing unique talent.

Participants have the opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest work, inspiring the public to vote for their favourites.

The public will vote for their favourites, what they SEE rather than WHO us producing it. Most liked work will go through to next round where judges will score their work and choose the winners.

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Best Wedding Album

Best Captured Moment

Best Scenic Photo

Who won in the 2016 TWA?

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