Wedding stories with soul

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Before I push a button, I love to listen. For me, there is no greater way to while away an evening than on the couch, listening to a couple share their love story. How they met. How they’ve grown. How they’ve perfected Saturday morning pancakes!

I want to know what they love, what they value, what they’re dreaming of - both as individuals and as a couple. Because when they page through their wedding photographs, my hope is they’ll look to each other and say, “Ah man, that’s so us.” The way she laughed when he kissed her too early. The way he looked at her when she danced with the flower girls. I want to capture them. Their love. Their story with soul. So that in thirty years’ time, they can travel straight back to those moments where their married adventure began.

As for me? Well, I’m giddy for pretty light, I've watched "You've Got Mail" about twenty-three times and I still can’t believe I get to photograph love for a living. I put my heart and soul into every shot because I love what I do, and that’s what love stories deserve. Thank you for reading. I hope we’ll get to meet one day soon!


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