Jenni Elizabeth

“All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.” – Elliot Erwitt

Elite Wedding Photography - Participant 2015

I am a complete romantic, I still shed a tear at every single wedding and each time the bride walks down the aisle, it still takes my breath away. So it’s safe to say I have a big passion for what I do. To me, being surrounded by all the beauty, happiness and emotions of a wedding, is the best job in the world! This is why my job is very personal and I run my business with a very personal approach.

In my experience of being a full time photographer, I’ve learnt that taking photos in a non-invasive, photo journalistic way is how I like to approach your wedding. I don’t like too much cheesy-ness in a photo, but I will capture the true emotion of my surroundings and provide you with a genuine feel of the event. I will be the fly on the wall, always observing and ready for that special moment.

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