van Dyk

Make-up, beauty and women are our greatest passion.
Everything we do, we do with so much
love, great care and appreciation.

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2017 Upcoming Make-up Artist Winner

We're a beautiful salon in the heart of Ceres that offers all beauty treatments, full hair services, makeovers, tanning, professional make-up, nails, lashes & brows, diet & weightloss - everything under one roof and the only of its kind in the area.

Owned by former model & actress, Yolandi Malherbe, who spent many hours in the make-up chair, uses all the tips and tricks to make her clients look and feel like their inner model too. We love what we do and always strive to do better, to never stop learning and always keep up with trends.

"The day i stopped modelling and opened a salon, was the day i vowed to make women beautiful every day" - Yolandi Malherbe

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