Casey Jeanne

A visionary in bespoke bridal pieces for the self-assertive bride

TopVendor Member & Best Wedding Dress 2018 Participant

A visionary of her time, Casey Jeanne has captivated followers and clients with her jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, life-altering, seamlessly bespoke bridal pieces. Each dress is crafted with exceptional artistry and breathtaking details. Her name is the first on the lips of every future bride causing mesmerizing reactions of visual delight. With a unique vision and design direction like no other, Casey Jeanne has quickly become South Africa's leading couture go-to woman to create 'THE' dress of a lifetime.

In a perfect union of high fashion and soft feminine bridal design, Casey Jeanne's exceptionally light, delicate, transparent-like and bold bridal pieces are crafted o the value of luxury and the heart of 'couture à l main'. Her strong visual eye offers a contemporary take on what it means to be a bride today. Known as the lady with the 'magic hands', Casey Jeanne creates investment pieces for the dreamer using personally selected laces and embroideries from all around he world.

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